Where can you report a company for unethical hiring behavior in NYC?

trying to get a job with Instacart. Was on a waiting list. Got an email giving me a days notice and I had a doctor's appointment I couldn't miss. Contacted customer service and they said they would email me about another opening. Now I got another email saying a recruiter will call anytime over the next two days. I have stuff to do and its bad for my heart to be inactive. Also what if I'm using the bathroom. There is no consideration and my dignity has been shattered. I did email back that I have other obligations and can schedule an interview tomorrow. I am going to study to be a phlebotomist thank God


Guys, this is my life, I feel it is unethical, i didn't know this is common practice but I know when im done studying I wouldn't be treated like this. This is a TEMP JOB and I'm not going to bend over backwards, stress, and go thru hoops for 800 dollars. The point you missed is they will miss out on my skillset if they keep being difficult with me. 

Update 2:

I actually turned down the offer, she couldn't answer on improvments they made since last year aside from Covid, being that a lot of people were saying it's modern slavery I decided to not join. Sorry you are jealous of me having options. I will not read this thread further.

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    Nothing in your post suggest anything unethical.  

    You can certainly contact the Better Business Bureau or the EEOC office in  NYC.  Again, I don't know whether either would accept or investigate a complained based on what you posted. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    How's that unethical hiring ?

  • Eva
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    1 month ago

    Nothing they are doing is unethical. They have several people to work with, not just you. People who actually want a job make themselves available.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This is not an ethical issue.

    This is a matter of you not being able to figure out how to take a poo and answer the phone on the same day.

    ETA:  "The point you missed is they will miss out on my skillset if they keep being difficult with me. "   Haha, that's funny.   They aren't missing out on anything because *you* are a dime a dozen.   According to you, they can't even wait for you to finishing taking a crap before they move onto someone else.   *You* are the only one missing out.  If you don't want or need that $800, no harm no foul.

    You are a speshul snowflake who has been spoiled.   You're going to find adulting quite difficult, at least for the first few years as your new reality sets in.   The world doesn't give two shiits about your dignity.   They care about hiring worker-bees who know how to get a job and poop on the same day without getting all butt-hurt.

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