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What kind of hardware do I need?

I want to fasten a pegboard onto a metal bar that I have that is attached to the wall already. The metal bar has two pre-drilled holes on either side.

I need help with the name of the hardware I would need to do this. My idea is that it would be a bolt and nut to clamp the pegboard onto the metal bar.

Whats the actual name of the bold and nut or any other hardware that I can use to do this?

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    You want a machine screw or bolt and matching nut. You can get it with a pan head, with a phillips cut, or a hex head (pictured).  Just be sure not to get a machine screw with a large space at the top.  This would make sure that you get a tight fit.  I'd also consider a locking nut, so that you don't have to worry about re-tightening the connections regularly. 

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    A nut and bolt is correct. Just measure the width of the pegboard plus the bar and het a bolt slightly linger than that.  Get the diameter of the bolt so it can pass through the smaller of the holes.

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