How do I save my info and disconnect from my gmail account?

I got a new phone and they saved my old phone info to an account I made with gmail, but I don't use it. When I'm signed into that account, all of my contacts are there, but if I sign out of that account, nothing is there - no saved numbers, addresses, messages,... How can I transfer all of the information and have them saved to in my phone, so I don't have to be logged into the gmail account I made?

I feel locked to google.

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you have an android phone, then Google is part of your world too. I infer you no longer use the gmail account with the contacts. That's the issue. Who is the 'they' who saved your old phone info? This is not a phone issue, it is an email account issue. Google syncs contacts of the active email account. If you learned how to use a search engine, the answer would be easy to find. Here is your desired link:

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