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Why is Roger Goodell destroying the NFL?

He did a decent job (there have been some mistakes) until now. Now the NFL is a joke and that’s why fans are leaving

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    When did he ever do a decent job? Player conduct has gotten exponentially worse with with him at the helm.

  • The People you claim were fans were only Fair Weather Fans at best. The rest of us are watching Football. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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    Roger Goodell should not be blamed totally. He is a yes man to the owners who have all the money and say so. Roger G is just kissing up to the money and is not more much than a front man. He will take all the blame of course 

  • He's doing what the owners (his bosses) want him to do.  So blame the owners.  They hired him, they gave him new contracts and a massive raise, and they still support him.

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    What fans are leaving? Huh?

    LOL nice thumbs down but no proof fans are leaving. 

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    He is part of the problem.Remember that owners have final approval of stuff he does!Players are clueless as to how much they are pizzing off fans.

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    Want to know the real "dirty little secret?"...... fans haven't mattered to the NFL in  years...

    Add up all the ticket sales to all the fans to every game in every stadium and the total still doesn't add up to what the NFL makes from ONE of its numerous TV deals... If U.S. merchandise sales drop by 25% it won't matter, because sales to Europe and Asia will more than compensate for that.

    In the end, it's not about the value of items sold (be they tickets, merchandise or TV packages), it is the value of the league as a whole... The NFL began selling out to corporate interests back in the Tabliabue days....Goodell is just there to play the good steward while owners like Jerry Jones turn what was once a collection of family businesses into a mega-corporation along the lines of Amazon or Google...

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