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Why do some men think women are privileged?

Girls get fat shamed and judged for how they look when they grow up. Just watch family guy and see how people treat Meg. 

Women and girls also face sexism for being female.

Men are physically stronger than women, so that's a privilege men have.

Some women get abused by men in relationships. 

Lastly, women get sexually assaulted too.


Women are also judged for their age and men think 30 or even 25 year old women are old. 

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    Because when you're privileged in every way you are able to be unaware of how effortless your life is compared to others.

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    When you're used to eating the whole pizza and you're told you now only get 70% of it you tend to feel upset about that. But in almost every situation a man who complains about women either got stuck with a bad female boss who didn't project well on her gender or he got sucked into a relationship with a female viper he should have had the character judgement to avoid. There are plenty of men who don't have these hangups and who don't believe that women are privileged.

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    You also forgot how we get paid less and slutshamed while men get praised and congratulated for being manwhores 

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    Guys also get fat shamed and get judge for how they look.

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    "Why do some men think women are privileged?"

    Men are 97% of combat deaths, 93% of workplace fatalities, 80% of the losers in child custody, 93% of homicide victims and males are suicde victims at a rate that is 3.5 times that of women.

    That might have something to do with it.  Also interesting to note that you identify with the homely Meg as opposed to one of the many privileged beauties that are on TV.  Especially interesting because there are far more "babes" on TV than there are Meg's.  There are also many more "loser" men that women.  So that whole entertainment angle works against your narrative big time.


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    Yawn. You really got issues don’t you? Last week we wanted to kill American men now we’re just on a rant about you trying to deny female privilege yes?

    And it we’re going to have this debate, at least come up with new ones, I feel like a child has wrote this. Apart from physical strength, all of the following happens to males a lot to but unlike females, we don’t tell the world and his wife because we are shamed for it. Both genders have privilege and both are oppressed in their own way yet since it’s not PC for the left or right to mention male oppression or female privilege, it’s brushed under the carpet. 

    That means bringing up an issue where males are significantly more disadvantaged than females gets you swiftly assumed a cynical misogynist.  

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    Western women are the most privileged people in the entire world.

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