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My best friend is ignoring my texts and mad at me. But is it her fault or mine? ?

My best friend and I agreed to go out last Thursday. At 10am she texts me saying ‘good morning’ and I replied saying ‘lol I haven’t even slept yet’ she said ‘omg you’re insane!’ . By me saying I hadn’t slept yet, she assumed this meant I wasn’t going out with her later at 4pm however I never told her I wasn’t going to go out. At 4pm, I’m waiting for her and she doesn’t turn up. I ask her if she’s coming and she ignored me. She ignored me on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and now today. How is it my fault? She’s the one who assumed that I wasn’t going to go out, when I never explicitly told her I wasn’t going - she jumped to the wrong conclusion.  

P.s. I don’t think it helps that every other time we have tried to make plans in the last few months, they always fell through. Sometimes because of me, sometimes because of her. But I just don’t get why she’s mad at me right now?

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    I've had flaky friends in the past who caused me to change the way I communicate with people in regards to making plans. Even though I live down the street from my friend, even if we made plans the night before, even if I triple checked the plans that morning, I still text a "I'm headed down. See you in 5" before I leave. Many times a last minute errand comes up and I need to wait before walking down. Because I follow up multiple times it takes away any confusion about our plans. Communication is key here. I don't think she should have assumed you were cancelling however you probably should have followed up your "I haven't slept yet" with a "But I'm still coming later :)". Especially considering that so many times before haven't worked out. 

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    Does it really matter who's fault it is that she's angry? Speak with her. Discuss what happened, and try to come up with ways to avoid that kind of miscommunication again. If you REALLY want to know where the blame lies however, I'll tell you: Texting. Texting is to blame for almost all of the miscommunication between people these days. People text instead of actually talking to one another. Think about it.

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    It must be a sad life to have to post lies like this over and over as your only means of social interaction. quit trolling here!

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