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Are some NFL players shorter than their listed height ?

I think Tom Brady is a legit 6’4 honestly. I don’t believe Mahomes to be 6’3. I don’t think Jimmy Garoppolo is 6’2. I think Drew Brees is legit. Cam Newton Legit. 

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    They may be but that happens more in basketball than in football.

  • That happens in all sports, nothing new about that.

  • Mike W
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    They may take some liberties when listing the height of a player, maybe give them an extra inch or two.  It's not like anyone can tell the difference between 5' 10", and 6' tall from our seats in the stadium, or on TV.  The biggest discrepancy in height I can remember, was in the NHL, when one site, can't remember which, listed Martin St. Louis as being 6' 2".  Most sites list him at 5' 7" or 5' 8".  

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    Find their combine height.  Those are absolutely honest to an eighth of an inch.  Heights and weights of players listen in media guides are suspect.  College football they can be off by 3 or 4 inches.  And not by mistake, college teams are known to lie about player sizes.

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    I don't know Pat personally but I have met Kingsbury several times. I'm 6'2 and Kliff is quite a bit taller than me.  I would say he's at least 6'4. His combine measurements say 6'3 1/2. Looking at pictures of them together I'm pretty confident Pat is taller than me. So he's close to 6'3. 

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