What is the most effective ads you have seen/created for a book?

Several years ago I was declared "permanently disabled" due a psychological disability. Because of it I can't keep a job. I don't want to depend on a government handout so I have to do something. I have written a series of fantasy books, but book marketing is something I can't quite grasp. I am trying a crash course in book promotion in a way that I can comprehend. So that takes me back to my question "What are some of the most effective ads you have seen/created for book promotion? Are there any that you have found effective because they were covertly manipulative? Or were they overtly manipulative?


I've been without a stable job for five and a half years, at the time I became "permanently disabled".

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  • John P
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    4 weeks ago
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    It might sound strange, but I cannot remember one advert for a book.   Clearly no advert for any sort of book has made much impression on me.

    Possibly you should contact a few literary agents and see if any of them would take on the marketing of your series of books. It would cost you nothing to make those enquiries, though you would presumably have to let an agent have some of the profit if the books were successfully marketed. Or approach a few publishers of that sort of book direct.

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