I thought i was a hard catch, but i fell in love with a guy who seems to just be running game?

He flirts heavily for 2 months then says he has a GF. He says he told me that before but i wasnt listening. I mean... Really? Great excuse. Flirt heavily making me think you're about to ask for my number or something more then mention casually in conversation that you have a GF. And no apology to me. Just 'yeah my gf says i flirt too much. So, did it work?'

Riiight. Did WHAT work? Sounds like you really did this all on purpose. Then asking me if "it worked"? Crass. 

Anyway, I'm done being angry about being tricked and played with. As if I was some side piece not worthy if being the main meal. To be frank, and no disrespect to his GF, but I am celibate til marriage and have other morals and noble aspirations for my life and how I plan to treat my future husband. Him and his GF forniate. We all make mistakes but it doesn't sound like they are repentful of that one. Oh and he's the same guy who randomly got mad at me and called me a whore out of nowhere... Yeah, a celibate whore according to a fornicator who flirts wih everything that moves. Makes perfect sense.

Ok this turned into more of a ramble than a specific point but my question is... I am in love with a guy who has a serious GF he claims to be in love with. And I work with him. And now I don't know what to do. All I find myself doing is trying to spend more and more time around this flattering flirt at work because it makes me happy. Then I come home to my empty walls and life.


My question is how do I actually become a hard catch? And not just think I am one. Cause clearly I'm not.

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