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How do I get ahold of a frequent flyer?

I am an engineering student and for my capstone, we are create a smart valet that can be attached to your luggage and follow you around via bluetooth and sensors. Anyway, I am looking to interview a frequent flyer from Phoenix Sky harbor airport to get their input about this product. I personally don't know anyone who flyers at least once a month so how can I find someone? My only option might be to go to the airport and interview randoms but that doesn't sound like a good idea. Thank you!

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    But something like this has already been invented. I read about it in the UK press not that long ago.

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    1 month ago

    Put up an ad on craigslist but unless you offer an incentive, nobody is gonna take the time.  A new Prius should do it.  But as mentioned, there are already products available, not necessarily built it but small enough to place in any luggage and track on your phone. 

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