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For Muslims Only. My Boyfriend and I are both Gay Atheists. Your religion says we should be killed. So would you actually do that to us?

First of all we are not interested in women at all, and we will never be interested in women. We also are atheists and we do not believe in any God, and do not follow any organized religion anymore. We are interested in each other though and gay.

So if we were visiting a country where this is punishable by death, like Iran and had sex together and admitted to it openly and the evidence that we did it was clear, would you actually feel we should die for that?  If so would you yourself actually turn us in? Or would you even execute us yourself, if so how?

Remember this is a hypothetical situation, where you could kill us and not be punished, and it is entirely ok for you to admit so if you feel that way. Answer anonymous to protect yourself. 

I am not asking about trials, or jail time or any of that, just would you kill us or have us set up to be killed knowing we will never change? If so what should happpen to us? Or would you just let it go and turn a blind eye and not bother us?

Please answer honestly and do not hold back. I will not be offended, I really want to know.

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    then dont go visiting a country where the law states death for homosexuality..... duhhhh... smart people understand this.... 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Such a boring trolling question

    Either you are some retarded neo NAZI or indeed some attention seeking gay 

  • There are two sorts of Muslims. Those who will kill you with violence, and those who will bore you to death with constant lectures.

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