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Do you get annoyed with those who act like their way is better?

I’m trying to lose weight but I do it mainly by buying supplements

I’m buying turmeric and garlic capsules and green tea and chia seeds

Instead of blueberries and avocados and sea food and chicken

And a lady rebuked me for not investing in my health when I said I could not afford full throttle nutritional delicacies from the grocery store 

And I said I did not have time to exercise because I was so invested in my devotional activities and book writing and evangelism

And she told me I was not living a responsible life for acting like anything was more imperfect than bodily contouring and health 

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  • Adam D
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    2 months ago
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    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Some opinions are going to annoy or offend you.  All you can control is how you respond to people, you don't (and shouldn't) have any control over their actions.

    You're both wrong.  Supplements don't help you lose weight.  They can help in other areas of health if they contain something that your diet lacks.  Weight is lost by eating healthy food in reasonable amounts and exercising regularly.  Healthy food doesn't have to be expensive.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    lol that's annoying but they probably have something going on in their life when they feel the need to school you about your own life..just ignore it

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