Aiming to rid the word "qualified" from legal usage, and replaced with "meeting the legal academic and functional minimum standards"?

That is my goal.

To rid the word "qualified" from legal usage in employment jargon, and replace it with "meeting the legal academic and functional minimum standards for employment for which you are applying with this business".

That would mean that somebody with a CDL meets the legal minimum standard to drive a truck or a bus.

Somebody with nothing, meets the minimum standard for an entry level, unskilled job position.

Somebody with a degree in accounting and an accountant certification meets the minimum standard to be accountant.

The list goes on and on.



The word qualified is the word salad because it has no legal meaning.

Update 2:

And it is used to deny jobs to people who can perform them.

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    Well, look, I could expend many words expressing just how stupid this notion is, or I could point out that you're a f*ckwit. The latter course of action is by far the more expedient, which is why Im going with it, and why people prefer the word qualified over your word salad

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