If Spider Man and Batman crossed paths, i.e either stepped into the others universe - what would be the most realistic scenario ?

Movie Buffs, Comic Buffs, Spider Man and Batman Fans,  I'd love to hear mainly from you folks.

Would Spider Man be welcomed in Gotham City ?

What if Batman emerged in NY ?

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    Spiderman doesn't have a problem with people taking down his criminals. Batman on the other hand doesn't like it when people takes down his criminals. The one that will be starting the trouble will most likely be Batman. Batman is skeptical of everyone, even when they are his friends. It'll take some time but if Spiderman can convince Batman that he's a good guy, which he will, everything will be fine. Spiderman can sense danger so he'll probably know if Batman is good or not when they first meet. If Batman is going to New York, he'll probably do research of Spiderman before he goes there in case Spiderman interferes with his work and he has to fight Spiderman or ask him for help. If Spiderman is going to go to Gotham, then he'll just go there and Batman would be like, "Who are you? What are you doing here? I don't need your help! Get out of my city!" Also, if they both fight, without Plot Armor, Batman is not beating Spiderman.

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    If this is a 'real world logic applies' kind of thing, they wouldn't have any problems with each other.  Spiderman has worked with other vigilantes before, as has Batman.  

    However, if this is a 'comic book logic applies' situation, then OF COURSE they would fight.  Crossovers between character that haven't met before or who meet infrequently (ie they aren't both team members of some super group together and have built trust) ALWAYS find an excuse to fight.  

    It's a trope of the genre.  A stupid trope, but it's fan service.  You see all the questions people post of X vs Y?  Yeah, fans love this stuff.  They want to rank and see how various things play out.

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