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Was the professor - Charles McCulloch - in "Jason Takes Manhattan" really a villain?

I'm up to the part of his death, so please don't spoil the last 15 or so minutes, but I just wanna discuss him. Yes he did shove Renny into the water, but I see it as him toughening her up and he did get her at the end? I'm sorry but that is not true abuse. Now he is an asshole mind you, he berates one student with dreams of being a filmmaker, and I do believe he deserved his death but not because of that.

He was an asshole victim. Am I missing something here.

I'm not saying he should have did that, but I can't see real malice. I had two parents (although both have changed their ways) who were very abusive to me.


*and he did get her when she was trying to swim.

Update 2:

Abusive because they're bigots (one was a white Spaniard -ez-surnamed Frank Lopez English accented father who initially regretted marrying my Latina mother and was often racist to me, her, my siblings), my mother is a pseudo-Hispanic (but I won't specify if she's from Spain proper itself or one of the Spanish American countries; same with my father; I'm just gonna say he's an ethnic Spaniard).

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