Shortness of breath?

I’ve had ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, since February 11th 2020. Shortness of breath, the urge to gasp for air through my mouth, without filling my lungs to a comfortable capacity. 

I’ve had man tests, such as

Chest x ray


D dimer blood test

Blood troponin blood test

Ultrasound on my heart, very brief, 4-5 minutes was spent on me in the ER.

Nobody can figure out what is wrong with me. I hate it. My dr gave me GERD medication, didn’t work, another dr asked if I’d try a pill for esophagus spasms, I just started that this week. Haven’t seen any improvement as of yet. I’m also prescribed Xanax for anxiety because they’re trying to rule that out. Now the Xanax does help relax me but even after taking it, I’m still short of breath. I just don’t think about it as much.

As of the last two days, the only relief I get is while I’m laying on my side or flat on my back.

I’m so lost from feeling this way.


When I wake up in the morning and take a deep breath, I can feel a gurgling in my mid left chest.

Update 2:

J, I have tried an inhaler and a nebulizer treatment, none of which gave relief.

My current dr said I can do a swallowing test or she can schedule me an endoscopy.

I just feel like there could be something wrong with my heart and the drs figured I was too young, so they wasted no time on my ultrasound.

Correct a collapsed lung would show on an X-ray or ct.

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  • J
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Have you been to an asthma specialist? They can give you breathing tests. It also sounds like it could be a collapsed lung, but I would think that would show on a chest X-ray (I’m no doctor though). I had a friend get a collapsed lung from lifting a heavy box. He didn’t really know what was wrong with him at first. But I can only take a guess. You should keep seeing specialists until you get a proper diagnosis and treatment. I would start with an asthma/allergy doctor or a pulmonologist. Regular doctors often don’t know what’s wrong with you, and instead of running more tests, they just tell you it’s all in your head. Have you tried an inhaler? It won’t cure anything but it could give you some temporary relief. 

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