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Why was Big East football (pre-2013) was a power conference but not the American (2013-pres.)?

Could it be that 8 of the 12 teams are former C-USA schools (South Florida UConn and Cincinnati are 3 of the 8 old Big East schools, and Navy is a former independent)

Example: West Virginia was ranked at BCS No. 2 in 2007 before choking to Pitt, South Florida was at No. 2 for one week in 2007, Cincinnati finished 12-0 and at No. 3 before getting torched by Tebow's gators in the Sugar Bowl)

UCF in 2017 went unbeaten but was left out of the CFP

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    The Big Least usually only had one or two decent teams and they never played any good teams outside their conference.

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    Look further back in history.  Miami and Va Tech used to be part of the conference.  Also, Syracuse and Pittsburgh weren't always the cupcakes they are now.  And West Virginia wasn't bad.

    In the early 90s, the Big East was a legit conference.  Miami was a perennial national championship contender.  Va Tech was routinely in the top 25, and frequently the upper half of the top 25.  Syracuse and WVU were intermittently in and out of the top 25.  Pitt wasn't the monster it was in the past, but was still not a laughingstock.  

    But Syracuse declined, Pitt continued it's slide, and Miami and Va Tech left.  WVU was basically the only 'real' team left.  Granted, they added Cincinnati and South Florida was surprisingly competitive.... but these teams were basically WVU-lite.  They were nice depth teams, but not serious contenders like Miami or occasionally VT.  The conference was hollowed out by that move.  It never recovered.  

    To be honest, it was always a better basketball conference anyway.

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    Are you forgetting that the old Big East contained Virginia Tech, Pitt, and Miami?  And not this watered-down version of Miami we've seen for 15 years - we're talking about 3 national championships over a 10 year stretch, on the heels of 5 over the 10 years before that (as an independent).

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