How do I learn A to Z about my country politics?

I am also interested in other big, popular countries too. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You wanna learn about American politics?

    First: know that politics has changed! It's all about memes my friend! You don't have to read a book in other to understand politics (although u can read if u want). All u have to do is look at funny memes and their definitions and you'll have a pretty good understanding of it.

    If you have a good knowledge of history, i suggest to use that as a starting point. Go study historical events/eras and you'll inevitably land into politics.

    If you don't or you don't care. Just use ideologies as a starting point. Search for 'list of all ideologies' read the description of all of them and move on from there.

    I'll give you one tip:

    Donald Trump is Paleoconservative. 

    There, go figure out what that means

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    Source(s): bonus tip: go watch jreg, beginning from his older vids though. If you begin from the recent ones you'll not get it, cause there's a lore to it lol
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