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How do you get medical help when you can’t afford it?

 I have been unemployed for several years now, because I had to leave my job, due to the fact that my mother had dementia, and I was the only one left to take care of her. We put her in a nursing home about a year ago, and I have been having medical problems since then.   I have had to depend on my siblings to pay my medical bills, but they can no longer afford to do that. How can I get medical help? I have no insurance, and little money.

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    In the US, you apply for medicaid, go to free, based on ability to pay clinics OR the county health systems which operates hospitals and clinics ALL counties have them, look in a directory (ie on line) for the closest. Often if you are admitted the hospital will aplly for emergency medicaid in your behalf.

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    IF you are unable to work, contact your nearest state welfare office (Dept of Social Services, or whatever your state calls it). You might qualify for Medicaid (MediCal in Calif.). If you are able to work, or only temporarily disabled, you might also get help finding a job (therefore health insurance through your employer), as well as temporary certification for Medicaid. This assumes you are US citizen residing in US.

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    How about getting yourself a job like everyone else does?  Just because you have medical problems doesn't mean you can't work.  Lots of people work with medical problems.  

    If you think your problems are so severe that you can't work, file for disability benefits.

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    You get insurance, and then you use it.

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    medicaid and/or the reduced price clinics where you pay based on income.

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    What country do you live in?

    The options would include:

    1. Get a job. You no longer need to care for your mother so you are now available for work.

    2. Apply for disability and or medicaid if you are unable to work due to your health  and don't have any money. 

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    In Canada (lots of help available), ...but the USA..!!!

    No clue how the sick  Americans manage when the government

    fines them for non contribution of health insurance.

    I am not American, but  there must be ways to obtain treatments.

    Please ask around.

    You have my good wishes.

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    We have no idea where you are.

    If you are in the United States, google "free medical clinic" and the area that you live in.

    In my area, there is completely free clinic - but they only take a limited number of patients per day.  The patients line up very early in the morning (like 5am) to make the cut. 

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    You should be on Medicaid.

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