I put up white porcelain tile over my fire place and the mortar got on it causing the tiles to turn brown. How can I remove it? ?

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    First, that doesn't look like porcelain. Second, why do you think it's mortar that's causing that browning on specific tiles? To get rid of the yellowing, I'd use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, the kind that's dark blue and that you squirt around and it sticks to the sides. Rather than doing that, I'd dampen a paper towel or rag with it, and then, using my index finger, I'd gently rub it on one of the affected tiles staying entirely within the tile and not overlapping onto other tiles. I think that'll work. If it doesn't, don't proceed onto other tiles. 

    Also, do not apply too liberally causing it to drip down because drips may show up lighter, i.e., create downward streaks that you don't want. So put your finger into a rag or paper towel, dampen it, and then rub it into the affected area and have a clean, wet rag or paper towel ready to immediately wipe off anything that starts to drip. 

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