Have you personally experienced any phenomena or events that could be classified as paranormal?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Many times. I think that some people just don't experience paranormal full stop yet others do. I have seen a person that could not have been there on two separate occasions and on another, I heard a security guard whistling and jingling keys in a locked room with me but nobody was there. The first time was a person walking in snow at around 2 in the morning. He wore an old style duffle coat and was leaning forward into the wind with his head down to stop the hood blowing off As there was a good mile to go on this deserted road, I stopped to give him a lift. I ended up waiting for nobody. I got out of the car and wandered back over but there were no footprints. I was alone. 

    Another time, a pal who had a pub asked me if I would like to hang back for a few late night drinks. He said "just finish your beer and wait at the counter until all customers were gone" I stood next to a pillar that came from the ceiling to the bar top. It was mirrored on all sides. In the mirror, I could see behind me an older guy reading a paper. He was wearing a chocolate brown suit with pinstripes and national health brown framed glasses. His hair was full of grease like a Brylcreem look. I think he was one of a large family of half Japanese people who I know of in the area. My pal began to pour drinks and I sort of psst! what about him? My pal said "who" The guy sitting behind me! He then said that there was nobody there and the doors were locked??? I clearly saw him and knew him by sight but he was only there in the mirror reflection.

  • bill
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    4 weeks ago

    Just once. We were sitting around our shared student house in college and i decided to phone a guy back in my home province and i picked up the phone and was ready to dial but heard a voice on the other end instead. He had called me at the exact same time as i picked up.The phone never rang.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I believe I may have on one or two occasions, by way of the 'JOTT' phenomenon. JOTT stands for 'Just One Of Those Things', but a more formal description is 'Phenomena of Spatial Discontinuities'. I believe I may have experienced it in relation to a book and a bank card. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    nope         .

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  • Dr. NG
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    4 weeks ago

    Sure, but there was always a perfectly natural explanation every time. One thing I've noticed is how these paranormal experiences folks have evolved over time. You can see it on this forum if you hang around long enough. Something years ago that may have been paranormal, to that same person is now a definite encounter with ghosts. The tales having holes in them pointed out by others filled in for the next telling.

  • Tom
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes and they are NOT "imaginary"----Only the "Paranormal entities" People claim them to be are "imaginary".  If one , or even best , Several people see something that is "unexplainable" like a "glowing mist" a person or thing that "appears and disappears"----Many people call it a "Ghost"---Even though there are no Grounds to do so.   A Mist or a quick glimpse of a person his hardly evidence of "Special Forces" or "Spirits of the dead"----Its only an assumption.  It's how tales of the "Supernatural" get started.  But the MIST and the person likely DID happen.  It's not ALL "Illusion" or "Imagination"----Most REAL random events people can't explain are called "Ghosts" it does not mean Ghosts, etc. exist----but it can mean lots of "stray" and unaccounted for phenomena CAN and does exist---people only CALL them "Ghosts" and the like.

    I have seen a humanoid form waving its arms and legs about in an old house I lived in---and at least two other people saw it too.  For YEARS I thought it was "A Ghost" , myself, until after I had my Scientific training at University----I STILL think I saw a real Phenomena as others saw it too, but I no longer deem it a "Ghost"  it WAS "Something" real, but "Unexplained" at the time, so I leave it at that.---Concluding the above---"Ghosts" and stuff that are NOT "Imaginary" or "illusionial" are really some other phenomena we can't yet identify, as ghosts do not exist---so what we saw has got to be something else.Even IF we do not know what it is.

    Another "Paranormal event" was seeing a man appear in my lady friend's bedroom at 1:30 am.---Scared the hell out of me--thought it was an intruder--The light and shadows made it look absolutely real.---But then it moved towards me in the bed--without moving its legs and vanished into thin air----It was a relief, as a "Ghost" is not as scary as an human intruder---But since I was the only witness, I could not confirm its reality and chalked it up to a "Waking Dream" (Even though I never had one before or since)---But others would call it a "GHOST!"

    Finally, I have had large, round (3ft dia) puddles of water appear on the floor, in different spots of my house.  At first I attributed them to my small dog, but now she is long gone--Recently as I was walking in the dark in my kitchen, I heard a large POT crash to the floor---And heard a lid roll into the dining room.  I turned on the light to find a large puddle ---but NO pot, bucket or anything that could have fell and made the noise---not even a lid.---This is still "Unexplained".  ( I suspect some sort of time anomaly)  

    NG---Yes, most of so called "Paranormal" stuff Has a "perfectly Natural" explanation--but not ALL---- A good explanation MUST account for ALL aspects of what was encountered---Anybody can throw out an "explanation" to "Sweep the mystery under the rug"----But if it does not account for what was observed, it is bogus,---Indeed, it's my goal to FIND natural Explanations---but ones that FIT.

  • No I haven't experienced anything which could be called paranormal, imaginary events do not happen to me. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes. Once I saw an answer on Y!A that seemed eerily..... um..... correct. And the accepted scientific truth is that that can't happen. But I saw it! I did! Just once, though.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes.  As a kid, maybe five or six years old, I was sleeping on the couch in the living room with my mom.  She was on the couch because dad had the flu and I was with her because I was anxious about my dad who in my mind never got sick.

    So it was dark when I awoke and peered over to the far side of the room where my personal rocking chair sat.  I was very proud of that chair because dad actually made it for me.  Anyway there in my chair

    I was transparent, but clearly it was me.  My doppelganger didn't move as I recall, but I quickly jumped off the couch and went to the farthest light switch I could reach without getting close to my double and turned on the living room lights.  Thankfully the doppelganger disappeared.

    Mom awoke and asked what I was doing.  I replied "Nothing" and turned the lights back off.  I, the other I, did not return and I climbed back under the covers where mom lay on the couch.

    I never forgot that, but I never told mom or dad about it either.  I didn't want them to think I was nuts.

  • Jim
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    1 month ago

    Sure, happened a lot when I was younger. Mostly knowing beforehand. I got really bored knowing answers before people would ask. Those that knew me sometimes saw a written list of the answers after the conversation just to prove things but without skewing the results.

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