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in terms of defensive advantage in baseball for 1st baseman?

is it better that the first baseman is right-handed or left-handed with the glove?  thanks.

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    First base is a natural position for left handed throwers.  The primary job of the first baseman is to step on the bag and catch balls that are thrown to him.  He will step on the bag with the foot that corresponds to his throwing arm.  That way he can stretch his other leg, stretch his arm, and receive the thrown ball sooner.  From a defensive start position, a left handed thrower merely has to side step to the bag, put his left foot on the bag, and he is in position to stretch-and-catch.  A right handed thrower must cross his right foot over his left to get to the bag.  At that point the righty is also oriented toward the outfield rather than the infield.  One more advantage for the lefty; throwing to second or third base.  The lefty is in position to throw across his body.  The righty must reverse his feet to make the throw.

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    First Base should be defended by a Left-Handed throwing player. 

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