is my singing bad? be honest pls no sugarcoating!?

thats my voice my friend and i are doing a collab and shes much more seasoned than i am but i keep up with being a seasoned dancer be honest pls!

just copy and paste link :)

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    It's not great to be honest. You're mis-pitching a lot of the notes - you're singing in a totally different key at 1.30. That being said the rhythm is good and you have some understanding of singing expressively. 

    Your choice of music doesn't help. Presumably you don't like singing it at the same pitch as the original because your voice feels out of control, so you're singing it down an octave - meaning you struggle to find the bottom notes and give an under-powered performance. Try singing it in the same octave as the original, it may make a big difference, although you might need to sing louder.

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