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Why are people so against Xbox like its still 2013?

The Xbox Series X because Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles are all backwards compatible on the Xbox Series X running natively on the Xbox Series X hardware using the full power of the CPU, GPU and SSD with no boost mode or down clocking this means that backward compatible titles will look and even play better than they did on the original hardware. This means certain backward compatible games will run at 4k and 120fps as the Xbox Series X hardware can double or even triple the fps of the backward compatible title. On top of all that the Xbox Series X has the capability of adding HDR to backward compatible titles that didn't have HDR support including games from the original Xbox. Additionally all previous accessories from the Xbox One will automatically work on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Live has been far more stable and secure compared to PSN where Sony didn't even inform users their information was hacked until months later.

The PlayStation 5 is barely a step-up from the PS4 Pro and only PS4 titles are backwards compatible and don't run natively on the PS5 meaning they won't use the full power of the CPU or GPU and will feature down clocking and boost modes. PlayStation 4 accessories won't be usable on  the PlayStation 5 is unlikely.

Its not 2013 anymore.


I don't understand why people waste money on a gaming PC.  Everyone I know whose had won spent way too much on it, constantly needs to upgrade their rig.  Plus their always complaining bout crappy ports, hacking and needing to look up whether something will run well on their PC.  Watching them play they always mess with the options more than play the game.

Update 2:

Hey PS Fangirl Xbox has over 100 studios including Bethesda working on exclusives for the Xbox Series console.

Update 3:

"Better graphic, games, and most importantly- no fee to play online multiplayer games like the consoles."

Garbage servers, hackers a plenty, graphics don't matter when it costs an arm & a leg, without ports PC would have nothing.

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    If you truly believe that about gaming PCs, then you have clearly never had one. Better graphic, games, and most importantly- no fee to play online multiplayer games like the consoles. That is a huge money grabby console makers, since you already are paying for internet

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    lol, all those Series X "advantages" are also on the PS5. And as for "backwards compatibility", sure, it's a good addition. But let's not jest ourselves here, because literally nobody buys a new console just to play 15+ year old games.

    Also, PSN hacks? What is this, 2010? Are you living under a rock or something? The PSN has never been breached since many years ago, and now it's way more stable and secure.

    People are "hating" the Xbox because of how they're handling their next gen consoles, which is very poor. One of the biggest reasons are the games, where their games were either still in production for many years to come (3-4 years), while their flagship game, Halo Infinite, was delayed to 2021 due to its poor presentation.

    This also worsened that Microsoft themselves were promoting the Game Pass more than their consoles, which makes it redundant for them as a "console maker". They're promoting the Series X as the "world's strongest console", but until today we haven't seen any games running on the damn console natively (all of them were running on "PC with Series X specs").

    So yeah, people had right to hate the Xbox, since they don't even trying to sell their consoles, but their services instead. And this is completely different with Sony, where they're keep announcing new games that's going to be released in near future. I mean, in the first year, the PS5 is planned to have:

    -) Spider Man: Miles Morales (launch release)

    -) Demon's Soul (launch release)

    -) Horizon: Forbidden West (2021)

    -) Rachet and Clank (Q1 2021)

    -) God of War 2 (2021)

    Meanwhile, what does the Series X/S have besides Halo (and Grounded if you like) for 2021? Nothing...

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