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Hunger for air? I am so scared help!?

I have been doing a breathing thing for a while now and it sometimes goes away when I forget about it. It feels like I need to yawn to get a full breath. I have been feeling  like there is something in my throat but there isn't but I feel the need to continually clear my throat or cough (but it is always dry). I sometimes have to raise my hands above my head to feel like I got a full breath. Like I said I can sometimes forget about it and I will literally breathe normally but it is when I think about it that I feel like I cannot get a full breath and I feel I need to yawn but I can never get a full yawn. It is freaking me out but I don't know what to do to make it stop because it is sometimes causing me pain in my chest and throat to breathe like this and cough. I am stressed but idk if it's anxiety or something worse. I am legit just sitting on my couch watching Netflix and every like 20 breaths or so I get the urge to yawn and I can't then I get a bit freaked out. Can some one explain this?

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    maybe you should go see your doctor about it

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