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Is appendicitis pain bad ?

My pain ain’t bad. I’m a hypochondriac so

I suffer with stomach problems but since yesterday I’ve been dealing with pressure all over my abdominal area and tender points including my lower right side. I have some belly button pain but the pain is just a 1 out of 10. 

No fever or severe sharp pain my lower right area. 

It hurts to push down but it doesn’t hurt when I let go. I can walk without pain. I can jump without pain. Lift my legs to my chest without pain. I just have some pain my lower left side, upper left belly button, and a bit to my lower right side. 

Took strong antibiotics for a while. Appendicitis is my worst fear and I can’t go to the hospital at this moment. So what y’all think

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    it will become worse and you may have fever, vomiting, no desire to eat etc.

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