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What is the verb and prepositional phase in these sentences?

1. Movies about dinosaurs are always popular.

2. After my challenging math test, I breathed a sigh of relief. 

3. Unexpected, icy rain began to fall from the dark clouds. 

4. The spots on the living room rug look terrible. 


Also, 5. Then, she began to work with a tutor. 

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    1. Verb  "are". Propositional phrase.  Movies about dinosaurs

    2.  Verb. "breathed"  pre. phrase After my challenging math test. 

    3.Verb "began". Pre.phrase from the dark clouds

    4.Verb "look" pre.phrase  The spots on the living room rug

    5.Verb "began" pre. Phrase. With a tutor.

    A propositional phrase is made up of a preposition +a noun  or pronoun or a noun phrase.

    The car is inside the garage. (Preposition +Noun Phrase)

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