My mother has copd which is getting worse at one time she had 4 carers coming into see her throughout day but this was reduced to two as...?


She wasnt asking them to do anything and refusing help she now has two carers that still go in to see her theyre lucky if theyre in 10 min each i live with her and feel shes too dependant on me if i say im going out theres an argument as she says she needs me at home i do her laundry meals meds housework etc yet she still accuses me of neglect if things arent done as soon as she wants she threatens to phone social work or tells me to pack her bags i feel this impacting on my mental health...

Update 2:

Family members dont help drs say theres nothing more they can do for her my father who stays at home has parkisons so no help there so i feel like all the responsability has been put on my shoulders theres no support and i feel isolated ive now been offered my own place from council which id like to take as realistically i cant go on living like this as i have no time to myself but theres a part of me rhat feels guily about wanting to move out

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your mother needs 24 hour nursing care.  She needs to be in a nursing home.

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