Strictly for video gaming, would you build a 2070 super, Ryzen 3600 gaming PC or just buy an Xbox Series X ($900 v.s. $500)?

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    From a pure cost standpoint for gaming it's hard not to choose a Xbox or PS5.  However it's still a fundamentally different experience even if you are playing the same game.  For example I prefer to game with a keyboard and mouse.  Most of my friends have switched to mostly PC gaming.  I have a dedicated office space, but my TV's are shared with other people.  I also need a PC for work in the office and prefer to not have to use a company owned system.  All this leads into a gaming PC making a lot of sense, since I'm gaining a lot of utility for that extra $400.  Otherwise if I had a home theater I could spent hours in gaming I would probably just get the Xbox\PS5.  You have to look at your personal situation.  

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    No I wouldn't build anything with an RTX 2070 Super because here in a couple months I'll be able to build a system with an RTX 3060 and Ryzen 5 5600 which will be faster and cheaper.

    The Anonymous poster who says a Gaming PC now stands Toe to Toe with a Console didn't get the memo about the RTX 3080. 

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    The new consoles are amazing when it comes to videogame graphics and performance, not like before. PC's used to dominate when it came to videogame graphics, if you had a good PC that is, but now they could all stand toe to toe against each other. 

    The real question here  is, how much would you have to spend to upgrade for future videogames?

    This is where PC has an advantage because you would only need to upgrade hardware parts in order to play next generation games meaning it might be cheaper, where as in consoles, if yours isnt capable of  playing a game, you would have to upgrade the whole thing (example: PS5 games cant be played on a PS3) and future console prices are only gonna go up. It'll probably cost a kid and a half to buy one or maybe just an arm and a ear ...who knows.

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    None of the above.

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