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I'm Insecure about dating this Young Lady? Help?

I'm currently unemployed because I resigned due to bullying that was going on at my job. I was an assistant manager at a gym and the General Manager was a nightmare to work with to the point that I put in a grievance. I met a young lady at the previous gym I worked at and she's been over to my place 3 times so far, so it's still early days. I'm 32, she's 24. She's really attractive and seems cool. 

She just got back from a two week holiday and she wants to see me tomorrow and I've booked us a restaurant. But as a man not currently working, I feel insecure and that maybe she'd lose attraction as I'm still unemployed. I'm sure something will come up soon as I have been to a couple of interviews already. I know it probably wasn't the best time to leave due to Covid and there not being as many jobs, but I felt I had to for my happiness and mental well being.Am I just over thinking this, or am I now in a position where she may lose attraction as I'm still unemployed? I just think I feel a bit self conscious as well as I have been in work so long and loved my job. Should I just continue to confidently date her? Will me still being unemployed effect the success of this potential relationship? As a woman, would you be put off by my situation? I'm checking for new jobs daily and applying as much as humanly possible. I basically just want things to go well with this girl and would hate this to be the one thing which kills it.

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    Don't worry. Women are only put off by men who hate to work, but not by those who are out of work for a short period of time. Be confident and continue to date her as she is someone attractive and cool that you like.

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