Help needed in choosing new strings for my Faith guitar. Model is FKVMG Naked Venus Cut/Electro Mahogany?

I just bought a set of strings, a D'Addario EZ890 but the tone is so bright when strumming it sounds mechanic. i just hate it lol i have no idea what kind of strings i had on the guitar when i bought it from the store, but i'd like to get something like that..the old strings were definetely not as light gauge as the new set, the set i just bought was a .009 gauge and i found that to be waaay too light. Anyone has any advice considering all this info and the guitar model? I like warm and deep sounds more than bright sounds. Thank you ☺️

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    You certainly won’t get any kind of decent sound fitting a set of .009” gauge strings to an acoustic guitar - I didn't even think they made them that light!

    They are indeed “light gauge” strings. Faith guitars ship with D’addario phosphor bronze strings .012” - .053” gauge. I'm sorry, I don't know the number of the set.

    I have a Faith Neprune.

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