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why do some people buy their doctors gifts?

why? i don't get it since they barely even know them outside of their appointments with them.


huh, well i just find it to be strange. i mean i barely even think about my doctor. 

Update 2:

personally i wouldn't do it, i'm going to waste my money on someone just because they chose to simply do their job.

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    Back before the days of HMOs and "corporatized" medicine, patients were able to form  meaningful relationships with their doctors. Kids saw the same pediatrician from birth to high school, family doctors were often referrals from that same pediatrician.  

    Routine checkups were also more common and were done by the actual doctor (as opposed to now when you spend 20 minutes with a nurse practitioner and the doctor pops in for about 2 minutes just to say "hi").  Doctors also served as trusted counselors and advisors.  In many cases, they were often treated as part of the extended family.

    Pediatricians were often invited to their patients' milestone birthdays and high school graduations.  I know several people who invited their family doctors to their weddings. My own father was a doctor and every Christmas morning was divided into two phases... the first part when we all opened our own gifts and then the second part where all the kids divided up and opened the dozens of gifts sent to my dad by his patients.

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    gifts to the doctor are a symbol of gratitude

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