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How can I get rid of my belly fat? *photo for reference*?

I’m 24, 163cm and 60kg. I’m naturally thin but over the last year or so I’ve gotten a bit of a belly. I know it’s probably not considered super big, but in comparison to the rest of my body it’s pretty noticeable, like I kinda look 3 months pregnant.

What can I do to improve this? I don’t really want to go on a diet because I’m not overweight BUT I should do something as I don’t want it to get bigger.

Any thoughts would be great.



Given my age, weight and height would people consider my belly to be big?

For those not used to metric 5’3 and 132lbs approx.

Update 2:

Lastly, I live in a different country to my parents and haven’t seen them in about two years. Do you think my parents would notice the weight increase? I’ve gone from 53kg (116lbs) to 60kg (132lbs) so 7kg (16lbs) in two years. That’s not a lot to gain right?

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    4 weeks ago

    you don't need to lose a ton of weight but I would recommend trying to eat less and that will target the fat right in your belly and generally make you lose a couple lbs while making your stomach smaller...its how I keep stomach flat

    your parents won't really notice if its just in your belly. just wear flowy blouses and less form fitting clothing

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