why can't i move apps to my sd card? (samsung galaxy a01, android 10)?

i got a new phone a few months ago and have an sd card in it to put stuff on, since its almost out of space and i cant clear enough of it out (it's all default apps and stuff.), but... i cant transfer any apps to the card. like. NONE. ive gone thru all my downloaded apps to see if it was just app permissions, but none had any options to move em. i googled it, and it said to turn on developer mode and thatll enable the option, but that didnt do anything. the screenshot below's how app storage options appear on my phone. no options but "clear data/cache" "force stop" and "uninstall." is this something i can fix or is it just my phone?

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  • 1 month ago

    Apps do not move to the SD card. Only a portion of the app is placed on the SD card. The main part of the app, stays in phone memory.

    The more memory the phone has, the more likely the OS will allow for "moving" stamps of an app to the card. You will need a class 6 or 10 SD card (these are faster), class 4 may work, but they are slower and tend to get corrupted when placed in newer smartphones. 

    Budget smartphones will often stop allowing moving app stamps from phone memory to SD card after OS updates, and once phone memory get lowered than a certain point. 

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