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My Husband is done with AIT schooling, what now?

My husband has graduated from his 6 months of AIT schooling in early September & his duty station is in Hawaii (Fort Shaffer) there are other soldiers leaving already for they’re duty station while my husband already requested 2 weeks of leave. His date on being there at his station is October 12th, why must it take so long for him to have leave? I haven’t seen him since January and I haven’t seen him graduate boot camp due to the awful corona virus. I’m so confused how this works. 

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    Jeeper peeper you're a moron, it's easy to get confused about the Military, the reason her husband doesn't tell her is because he doesn't know himself, anonymous, sorry but the only thing you can do is be patient and wait and see.

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    leave is usually issued between duty stations afaik. navy is worse, leave there is issued when the ship is dicked.

    so your husband has to plan your time together when duty shifts.

    although now duty is skate theres really nothing going on. no activity except a little nuclear arguments 

    so your husband will have more leeway to plan  leave once hes at his duty station.

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    You don't HAVE a husband in the military. If you did, you would have know the answer to this question before he shipped TO AIT.

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    Because HE is in the service, NOT you. You are not needed. Make too much noise, and you`ll get sidelined and cut off completely. You just are`nt important, and frankly, just in the way.

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    Because A he hasn’t earned much leave and B there are quarantine requirements he must go through at each end.  

    If you do not have command sponsorship, you will not be allowed to join him until you do.  Under normal circumstances, getting it done takes about 6 months.  Under  current one?  Who the hell knows.  If his orders are for less than 3 years, you aren’t getting CS at all.

    Quite frankly, they don’t care you haven’t seen him.  

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    who cares if your confused. Your husband knows what is going on.

    just because he hasn't told you, he must have a reason.

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    It’s Ft Shafter and a nice post. For you to join him you will need to be command sponsored and they can require a med checkup. It could take a bit to go through right now. 

    Just because he graduated doesn’t mean anything. They can hold people as long as they need to. If others have left they can need him to do something else.  They are being careful of how things are being done right now. Hawaii actually requires a 2 week quarantine right now so they could have him not take leave at all before reporting. 

    This is the military way ..... hurry up and wait. 

    So is he your husband or your boyfriend? If you haven’t seen him since January then you couldn’t get married.

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    maybe waiting to see if his leave gets approved ..................

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