Is there a word/term for this in sales or in generally?

When companies profit or sell something that is basically needed. Like it starts raining so I start selling umbrellas. Or like right now, there's a pandemic so companies try to profit by selling masks 

Or when companies sell you one thing when they know you need a second thing just to profit. Like if a store sold you a phone, and then the charger is sold separately cause they know you need it and want more money

Does it have a term??

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Selling something people want/need is normal.  Why would anyone try to sell something that no one wants or needs.   Profit is not a dirty word.  Without profit, there would be no jobs, no employees and no paychecks.

    Perhaps you are trying to ask if there is a term for when a company jacks up prices on something essential to take unfair advantage of people.     Like selling toilet paper for $10/roll during the pandemic.    The term for that is "profiteering".

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