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What does BLM want? They are protesting and rioting today in Kentucky even after it was proven that officers were innocent?

The same with Michael Brown’s case. That case was thoroughly investigated several times. Yet they keep bringing that up. It is impossible to satisfy these people. Do they want to make black people above the law?

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    they want reperations. they apparently were 1860 pre-civil war slaves freed by the Umion but prior to that forced to pick cotton and tobacco and have illict sex, in spite of being neutered, in barns on southern confederate american plantations owned held by spanish nobility and royality.

    they are angry and want the 2020 United States of America tax payer to pay them and the whole congress senate judicial and president, backed by the United States army, air force navy and marines, national guard, state guard, and various flavours of US militia, NSA, CIA, federal and local police, US marshalls, FBI, state police, highway patorl, county sheriff, local police, lawyers, (I leave anyone out) cian't stop their might for obviously at 180 years old on average,

    hobbling their way around IS kinda impressive.

    dont your think they should put those 180 year olds on internatipnal television?

    after all BLM wouldn't LIE about slavery would they now?

    a group just passed here and they all looked so young after pickin all that cotton and tobacco in that blinding hot southrrn sun. they must use skin cream.

       They wuuusss....SLAVES!.......

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    Things like this aren't cut and dry with the BIG picture being broad and complicated. I think the problem is due to racism here, not being innocent or not. We do have a problem with racism that swings both ways. We don't have to agree 100 percent on all angles of any movement. However, I think we can safely agree no matter race murdering someone is wrong. Hate just like love has no color but many make it about that out of ignorance. Our constitution allows us to protest for the better good. Killing is wrong period. Even of the same race. It's  the Extremists that interfere and unfortunaetly makes things even worse. Being reasonable and understanding is key in any situation.

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    4 weeks ago

    They don't care if they were innocent and Breonna should have been arrested and charged as well. Black people should never be arrested or shot even if they are shooting you. It's pathetic. If they truly cared about Black Lives, they'd try to stop the majority of Black killings that are being done by other Black lives. They couldn't care less.

  • 4 weeks ago

    They're black supremacists they won't stop until whites have totally oppressed and subjugated 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I'm not a BLM supporter, but when it comes to the Breonna Taylor case, I feel the cop who killed her should've been charged with negligent homicide (like Ravi Singh, who accidentally killed a mother during a welfare check) at the very least. I don't care if she was black, white or purple. That was a human life. If she didn't shoot at them, then she shouldn't have been shot. I would think responsible officers wouldn't be so reckless, considering that there could be other people inside and they shouldn't be blindling shooting into a house like some kind of video game. She could've been you, or someone you know, caught in the crossfire of a deadly situation that she didn't insert herself in. 

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    A citizen sleeping in her bed doing nothing wrong got shot up by the police and somehow that does not bother you at all.

    Nothing has been proven. In fact the city Acknowledged something very wrong happened to the tune of 12 million dollars.  The only thing that saved those cops from going to jail was the fact the boy friend happened to have a gun and was scared and fired that one shot...

  • Wundt
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    4 weeks ago

    They want equal treatment for minorities under the law.  I am not sure why you think that is controversial?  

    Also, it was not "proved" that the police are innocent, there just wasn't sufficient evidence to charge them. 

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    BLM is using BOGUS DEMAND FRONTS so they can exact out free-will vicious violent damaging riotous acts in major ( Democrat Governed ) U.S. states in their hailed name of "social/racial justice".

    a) Complete removal of any and all visible historic monuments gloryfing Civil War Confederate leaders. This is a primary BOGUS DEMAND FRONT; not their core agenda reason.

    b) Defunding law enforcement agencies nation-wide by well over 60%. This demand is pretty obvious: BLM is angry law enforcement are gaining strong edges of victory in choking the flow of money within the illegal drug market trades in the U.S.  

    This goes down to the core political dynamic existent between the criminal society vs. U.S. law enforcement society: Drug dealing thugs simply don't like cops messing with their money and/or business. 

    BLM evidently has strong economic ties within the U.S. illegal drug markets--money that is being showered to many DEMOCRAT CONGRESS LEADERS....a-hemmmm!!!!.

    c) BLM demands the U.S. Government stuff MONEY in the mailboxes and bank accounts of AMERICAN BLACKS, simply for being the descendants of pre-Civil War slaves in the eventual  Civil War-era Confederate South. 

    Count points A and C as being BOGUS DEMAND FRONTS. 

    Point B is the CORE reason we're seeing BLM AND ANTIFA spreading destructive violence in major Democrat governed U.S. States.  

  • 1 month ago

    live and let live!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No matter what concessions you give them, they will just keep wanting.

  • helene
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    1 month ago

    BLM wants violent communist revolution. That is all they have ever wanted. NO outcome will prevent them from doing what they do. 

    Didn't you see their signs earlier? "Capitalism is killing us?" It's always the revolution with this crowd.

    They do not care about black people. They are using them to achieve an end. 

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