How to get rid of woodlice?

I just opened my porch to discover about a million woodlice crawling around everywhere. I have never seen them before and I just moved into my place about a month ago so am not aware of any structural damage or any way they could’ve gotten in. Please help I’m terrified of bugs I can’t handle them they need to go

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Woodlice love moisture and rotting organic matter. Remove both of those and the woodlice will leave or die. In older houses it is not always easy to do either. I work on old houses and often after the new insulation and heating has gone in there is a huge migration of woodlice as they leave a drying out environment. I often find a circle of dead woodlice forlornly staring down a shower trap, their last gasps trying to take in the tiny amount of moisture it is giving off.

    Hoover them up regularly, doing this will enable you to suss out where they are coming from. Look for rotting timber or any possible organic food source. Look for damp, pull the carpet up, is it damp underneath? You could spray them, but they will be back if there is moisture and food. You could dry them out with heaters, but again this is not addressing the original problem. You need to find what they are eating and remove it.

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