can i take another subject after my gcses?

we had to pick what gcses we were taking when we were 12. needless to say, i have changed a lot since then, and a almost all of the subjects i picked back then i picked for no real reason. i dont even really enjoy them, and never have, so i assume i was influenced quite a lot by my teachers.

recently ive discovered i would be MUCH happier and find school overall a lot easier if i had taken computer science.

the reason i didnt is because my teachers told me i wouldnt "be able to handle the work load". i dont understand why they thought that, because i was in advanced classes for everything. but i hadnt been at the school for long at that point, so i guess they just assumed based on how i acted rather than my actual grades, a.k.a an undiagnosed, and thus unmedicated, 12 year old with adhd.

im really worried. ive always been super worried about my future in terms of jobs and higher education and ive realised now its because i never had a clue what i actually wanted to study or do as a job. now that ive taken the time to think, however, everything i want to do points to me having taken computer science.

i tried googling my question, but i was given no answers. is there any way i can take an extra subject once ive completed my gcses or would i have to pursue it independently? if i did look into getting some sort of qualification for computer science outside of mandatory schooling, where could i even get it, and would it even count as much as a gcse?


someone i know thought i should add - our school downright refuses to let us switch subjects now. other school give you the option to change subjects up until halfway through the year before you sit your tests, but in our school, you cant switch at all. so thats not an option.

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    i would ask your school about it

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