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If he didn't love me or wanted anything to do with me why didn't he want me to get an abortion ?

When I found out I was pregnant by him last year I wanted an abortion to be honest. My insurance didn't cover it and I didn't have the money for it either, I asked him and he denied me the money. He said we'd be a family,  he wouldn't make me a single mom and was against abortions. Long story short I kept the baby and  he's a deadbeat and had a new girlfriend by the time our baby was 3 months old after we broke up. He mistreated me, said he regrets getting me pregnant and has done nothing but made my life hell. My thing is if he didn't love me, was cheating etc why didn't he want me to get the abortion?

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    Him forcing you to keep the baby sounds like a power move to me, not that having the child was a bad thing - but in the moment, he just wanted to gain control of a situation he clearly didn't give much thought about. He sounds immature and def wouldn't be a good role model for your kid. I hope you hold him responsible for child support and all that and for the most part, keep him out of your child's life (as cold as it sounds). 

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    He probably didn't have the money for it and thought he'd tell you whatever, just to get you off his back. If I were you I would seek child support. 

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