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Is pondering the meaning life worth or is it a waste of time as one journeys Earth?


Is pondering the meaning life worth it or is it a waste of time as one journeys Earth?

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    Yes it is.  Yes it is.  You asked twice, so I answered each question.

    I haven't journeyed much of Earth, in fact I've only lived in one part of it and only visited a few others.  And on that note, you should totally visit the USA if you haven't already.  Nice scenery, great food, and the people are nothing less than amazing.  The average American has made me feel more welcome and at-home than many people in my own country.  Anyway...

    Life has one purpose, and the purpose of life is to live it.  The only guarantees are taxes, a free trip around the sun every year, and you will die some day.  Everything else is up to random chance, the mighty and whimsical Luck Gods, and you.  

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    The meaning of life is a very complicated question that requires a lot of thinking. But, where do scientists start? The best answer I can give you is with science and clever thinking.

    DNA, bridging the gap between philosophy and science, is quite interesting to ponder, for how many questions about human beings it helps to solve. Scientists can look into DNA to discover why humans die, what makes humans work, and how humans are able to reproduce, but, for the most part, I guarantee that in the future scientists will be able to understand why humans exist, if scientists focus heavily on observing DNA and what it shows about humans.  

    Now, the philosophal part is not that complicated. Even if human beings are designed only to reproduce, since the dawn of mankind, human beings have evolved becase of our free will. Thus, a person might only like swimming to impress a mate, as well as to improve his or her overall health, but this might change after the need for reproduction becomes obsolete in humans. Though, in the end, our primary focus as of now will always be to fulfil what is instructed in our DNA.

    I believe people are not wasting their time thinking about the meaning of life, or why humans are living on Earth. The answer is in our own bodies.

  • John P
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    4 weeks ago

    What is worthwhile is getting to know how to express yourself well in English.

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    Reflection is a good thing, but like all things in moderation.  Too much and you will be sucked into depression or conspiracy theories.  Too little and you make the same mistakes over and over and you miss the magic. 

    As humans we can’t just watch life, we have to dance in the “cosmic dance.”

    Now I want to go and watch Harold and Maude. 

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    4 weeks ago

    That's something you must discover for yourself. 

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