Are there any Automatic transmission, short bodied, heavy weight sedans?

So I've been driving for 3 years, and have driven a 2004 Hyundai Sanata, three SUV's (my mom and sister's so I don't recall them) an old Dodge Truck and currently drive Chrysler 300. I've noticed a couple of issues.

1) I KNOW I have no hope of driving a stick shift so my next car has to be automatic transmission

2) I have difficulties backing up as I overthink things, not just overthinking if I have enough space between me and what's behind me and deciding I don't, but also worried about how long my hoods have been and that I would be paying too much attention behind me and side swipe a car beside me, but haven't had difficulties with the SUV's, so I would highly prefer a shorter body then the sanata and chrysler have

3) The sanata drove fine, but whenever I took curves, it felt like I was speeding when I wasn't. My neighbors hated me because I live on a very curvy road and speed limit is 35 but I would have to take most of them at 20 to feel comfortable, but when I got my Chrysler I don't have that problem at all and never had the issue with the SUV or Truck. So my roommate and friend's say it sounds like I need a heavier weight car

4) Driving SUV I have 15-20 minutes before my ankle/knee starts hurting @ 40 minute mark I have to stop for a while the pain is too bad. Driving sedans though I can drive 45 minutes before the pain hits and 1 1/2 hours before stopping Since it's usually a 35 minute ride to work, that means I need a sedan.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You just aren't a very good driver - backup camera would fix one of your issues, some practice with street cones and sticks would help  teach you how close you can get to other objects in front of you. Small heavy is not something any manufacturer wants to produce nor would it help whatever issue it is you have with SUVs (they handle curves just as well as any vehicle).

    Why don't you test drive some smaller vehicles and see how they work for you, your current ride is a land-barge by comparison. Elantra, Altima, Corolla, Sentra, etc. 

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