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A ball of mass m = 0.200 kg is attached to a (massless) string of length L = 1.00 m and is undergoing circular motion in the horizontal plane, as shown in the figure. a) Draw a free-body diagram for the ball. b) Which force plays the role of the centripetal force? c) What should the speed of the mass be for  to be 45.0°? d) What is the tension in the string?

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    a) see the sketch below

    b) centripetal force CF = m*ω^2*l*sin Θ equates the weight force m*g

    c) m*g = m*ω^2*l*sin Θ

    mass m cancels 

    ω = √ g/(0.707*l) =  √ 9.806/0.707 = 3.72 rad/sec 

    V = ω*l = 3.72*1 = 3.72 m/sec 

    d) tension T = m*g*√2 = 0.282*9.806 = 2.77 N 

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