I am running out of YouTube ideas. What should I do?

I am running out of YouTube video ideas. But not in that way. I have 300+ subscribers on YouTube (my channel is CharlieTHH) I make Fortnite challenge videos. If you don't know what they are google it. Basically I help people do these challenges which come out every Thursday, and they get a decent amount of views, they even get thousands of views some weeks. The problem I have though is, these videos only last 20 seconds- 1 minute, and I would like to make this a career for me so I can make YouTube my job. But I can't make a career off 20 second videos. I need ideas from you guys, it would mean a lot. I have a full gaming setup so I don't need to purchase anything. Just leave me some ideas to help. Thanks. 

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  • 1 day ago

    Social Media Services from https://famoid.com/

  • 4 weeks ago

    Fortnite isn't the only game out there, there's hundreds of the things.... like I think "PUBG" is supposed to be popular, among others....

    Take a look at other gaming related channels, and also Twitch.

    "OperatorDrewski" (brother of YouTuber "DemolitionRanch") seems to regularly do gaming livestreams, mostly on YouTube, but occasionally on Twitch + Facebook.

    Chase Gilroy ("Gilroy Vlogs"), who did camera work for Roman Atwood's old prank channel (and is also his brother-in-law) regularly does gaming livestreams over on Twitch, as does this guy known as "Steven Strong" (who briefly worked as cameraman for outdoors YouTuber "LunkersTV")

    There's a number of channels that do retro-gaming reviews, featuring old games & consoles with the occasional newer game, including "The 8-bit Guy" + "LGR" (shortened from the original "Lazy Game Reviews")

    See below for examples


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail




  • 1 month ago

    Fortnite died a long time ago and is now just known for it´s toxic 8-year-old fanbase. move on to something else before you spend the rest of your life as a virgin

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