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what to do so that my breasts do NOT grow?

I'm still a teenager, my breasts aren't that big, I just want them not to grow any more, they seem beautiful to me now, and I don't have to wear a bra; I have seen my mom's breasts and she has to wear huge bras that seem to make her uncomfortable (if she doesn't wear them, her breasts would fall).

I never want to have to wear bras.

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    Well, I'm not sure how to completely stop breast growth, but I can give you tips on how to slow it. (I feel the same exact way, I don't want them to grow anymore) 

    You should eat things with testosterone in them such as kale

    (You can just Google "foods with testosterone"

    You also want to cut down on things with estrogen. Things like milk, and cheese in general. But don't stop eating it. 

    (Google "foods with estrogen")

    Coffee can also slow breast growth if you drink it everyday

    Good luck!!!!!!

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    Take iodine for a few months

  • You probably eat tonnes of dairy. Open up a buxom babes fridge and i can GUARANTEE you it would be full of raw milk, jars of butter, bone broth and lard. 

    Cut back on the dairy and at least pasteurize your milk if you live on a farm. Gee.

    Unpasteurized milk has tonnes of estrogen inn it. Thats whats causing the excess breast development!

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    do not and i repeat do not listen to the person you awarded favorite answer too as she is an idiot if any woman on here is gonna believe that drinking coffee will stop your breasts from growing and that is 100 percent dead wrong

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    Until you get pregnant you may not have to worry about having bigguns. But when you do get pregnant  guess what.

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    Never have children.  They grow after you get pregnant.

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    I'm afraid it's out of your hands, but I'm glad you got it off your chest.

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