Does anyone know the music video i'm talking about? Mid 2000's, Asian female singer.?

So I've been going down memory lane recently and I've been trying to find  music I use to listen to in the mid 2000's. Mostly Kpop, Jpop, and some other forms of Asian Pop. Now I'm not sure what time in the 2000's this song was made or what type of Asian culture is sung in the song but the music video starts off with a girl rushing down the hall looking through her purse not paying attention whilst a male is walking down the same hallway as her, also not paying attention, I think he was listening to music. When they bump into each other and I think she lands on his chest. Then the music video starts and its shows several scenes of them being lovey dovey. Dancing together in the dance studio she dances at, walking down the street hand in hand/ him walking behind her with his chin on her head. My mind is a little fuzzy with what happens next and im not sure how it pans out but either he or she gets into an accident via car or they walk in the middle of the street and gets hit. I can barely describe much of the characters other than she was a ballerina dancer or some sort of hip hop dancer. I do know that in the music video the guy actor was Vietnamese mix but I'm also not so sure about that. I hope this was as much detail as someone needs to help me figure out what song this was. I think though that the song was sung both by a male and female singer and it might be Chinese but once again I'm not sure its been so long ago

Please let me know if this sounds any familiar.

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