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What could be the cause of a higher oral temperature ?

Hi yesterday I noticed my oral temperature went up. 

I am a stressed person and I do suffer from anxiety. I do noticed that I clench my jaw almost all the time so could the clenching of my jaw increase blood flow to my mouth which causes my temperature to rise? Additionally I do get a hot flash on my face when I am stressed or nervous so could that cause an increase too? 

When I woke up this morning I had a lower then normal body temperature which is normal for waking up. Then throughout the day when I’m not stressed my temperature is normal. But when I’m stressed it goes up! 

I also have 0 symptoms of any illness so we can rule that out. 

No headaches no fatigue and no weakness. 

I feel peachy keen just have a higher then usual temperature. 

Also also. When taking exterior temperature and arm pit temperature it was normal when I had the higher oral temperature. 

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  • 1 month ago

    temp fluctuates through out the day normally, so you shouldn't obsess over it anyway.  clenching your jaw shouldn't do that much, maybe flushing but again not significantly. I would not worry

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