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How likely is it that a minor could buy a prepaid Visa -without trouble- at a Safeway?

Of course, it probably depends on location, but in general? I'm hoping to buy something online without my parents knowing, and plan to buy a prepaid Visa with cash, but how suspicious might the cashier be? I've heard of them letting it slip, and minors being able to purchase a card without trouble, but I want to be sure. And yes, I'm aware it defies the terms of use. While I'm at it, any ideas of how severe the punishment might be if the company found out? And yes, I know that would be extremely rare, but I have a very close family member who works at Visa.

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    Reloadable pre-paid Visa card and Visa gift card are two different things.

    You can't buy a reloadable pre-paid Visa card, but there are no age restrictions on Visa gift cards.    Walk into Safeway, grab one off the kiosk and buy with confidence.   You do not need to register the card with Visa to use it.   It's completely anonymous (and legal).

    There is usually a ~$5 surcharge on a Visa gift card.   Meaning a $50 gift card will cost you $55.   Once you spend all $50, the card is done and you throw it away.   You cannot reload it.

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    Buying it is no problem whatsoever. Using it online is a bigger issue.

    There is no punishment. Id be surprised if ID is required. I bet my 15 year old niece could buy them.  

    But if not, how hard is it to get an adult to buy one for you?

    You won't be able to use it on ebay or amazon being a minor.

    I was explaining this to a 14 year old at christmas when she got one as a gift.

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    Buying it is not the problem.  The problem is that you can use it only in person, in a real brick-and-mortar business.  You cannot use it online, because a prepaid card cannot be used online until it is "activated" with the social security number of someone who is 18 or older AND has a credit report.

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    I think it is extremely likely.  The store doesn't care.  You should know that such cards may not work if the seller is in another country.

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