Breonna Taylor—are the cops wrong or is the law wrong?

The indictments were decided upon by a Grand Jury made up from randomly selected members of the Louisville community based on voter registration records. These Grand Jury members were shown evidence by the DA and asked to decide whether that evidence supported an indictment.


These Grand Jury members decided the evidence supported an indictment for reckless and wanton endangerment against one of the officers involved in the raid, but that insufficient evidence existed to indict the others.


So who's in the wrong? Is it the cops? The Grand Jury members? The DA who presented evidence? Or is the law fundamentally unjust?

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I think you are on to something here. 

    The bigger question is, "what is 'systemic racism', the cops or the laws?" 

    By "cops" it should be read "individual actions" and by "laws" it should be read "government or 'systemic' action". 

  • 3 weeks ago

    The law is not wrong.  But the blacks who demand revenge don't want to abide by the law.  They just want to get "whitey."

    When those cops were fired at by the BF, for whatever reason, they had a right under the law to defend themselves.  And the Grand Jury knew that even though those blacks in the streets and their hired lawyers don't want to recognize it.

    And the black BF had a right, under the law, to defend himself as well.  That's why he's not being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.  But the blacks just conveniently overlook that little bit don't they?

    If those cops had raided the correct address and someone fired at them as they came barging in, everything would have been fine when the cops retaliated.  But the "wrong" was that the cops went to the wrong address...that's what the wrong was.  And innocent people got killed as a result.

    Someone needs to pay for that egregious mistake.  And they will when the FBI completes their investigation.  Those cops and maybe their seniors will be indicted and tried in civil court.  And it doesn't need to prove a crime was committed it only needs to show that someone got hurt.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    she was a witness. if the place was loaded with cash from drug deals they would not want witnesses.

    you poor poor things. you gotta keep better track. how are we supposed to get our hands on that availible cash if you dont let us know where it is?

    they usually have millions stashed.

    and they have it held illegally. its anybodies. anybody who can get to it first.

    all you have to do is pay the taxes owed and the rest is yours!

    gawd...these gold mines just walking around free as birds, incredible.

  • J M
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    That is not the right question. The problem here is that the officers were there because of a bungled investigation. They were at the wrong house. The people who are responsible are those that failed to get the facts before sending someone in at night to break down a door and start shooting. 

    Every citizen has the right to have weapons for personal protection. And many people have them in their bedside table. 

    If someone was banging down my door at night, I would get my gun. I don't care if they said they were police. In the dark it doesn't matter what they shout. What matters is they were breaking in. 

    She and her boyfriend had no reason to think that the breakin was legitimate. His response was reasonable. 

    So, what fool signed the warrant on some flimsy evidence without first checking and verifying who would be in the house. There was no need for a no knock warrant at all. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    On the police cams they DID knock and identify themselves before entering.

     Even the guy who was with the woman said that they/cops did identify themselves.

    And that they/man and woman armed themselves and started shooting first at the cops.

     The cop that had charges was the one left outside for crowd control.

     I'd hate to be a cop and have to serve an arrest warrant in a black neighborhood.

  • 4 weeks ago

    In true sense both are wrong.

  • 4 weeks ago

    They Followed THE LAW. You people want real changes.. .GET OUT AND VOTE the old career politicians out and VOTE IN NEW PEOPLE. 


    Get RID of people like Pelosi, SChumer, Biden and even the REPUBLICANS who have been there for MORE THAN TWO Terms. 


    CLEAN the Swamp on BOTH SIDES.. REPLACE THEM ALL and INSTEAD of letting them decide HOW TERM LIMITS are going to be for SCOTUS.. 




    The Dems are now going to try to pass a LAW LIMITING SUPREME COURT JUSTICES TO TERM LIMITS... 




    GET OFF YOUR DEAD LAZY ASSESS and GO OUT AND VOTE IN PERSON so your VOTE will count no matter what side you are on.. 


    You want to change the laws.. GET OUT AND VOTE NEW PEOPLE IN and get rid of the OLD CAREER POLITICIANS who have been there for years and not changed anything. 

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    I don't know all the detains, no one who isn't intimately involved with the case does. But from what I've heard it seems the police were acting on some old information, not realizing that Breonna was no long dating the drug dealer who left a dead body in the car she rented for him. While her name apparently was on the warrant because they believed her to be the accountant in some big drug operation, they didn't seem to realize Jarmarcus Glover was no longer living there. It would appear that while the judge who granted the warrant left leeway open for it to be no-knock that the cops didn't use that and did identify themselves. It's a tragedy for sure but nothing I've read leads me to believe it was racial in anyway. Whether the "war on drugs" is a good thing would be another argument entirely. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Don't hang out with drug dealers and the police won't be kicking your door in.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The jury. There should have been no indictment. The cop got shot in the leg and was returning fire, for God’s sake!  Has our society really gone so mad that black people are untouchable even when they are attempting to murder a police officer!?

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