What's the best fan places for my pc?

My pc case only has one rear fan position and two at the top. No front intake and no side fan mount positions. I'm thinking of have one at rear and one on top, both pulling hit air out the pc but would that make any difference to having just one at the rear doing the same thing? 


Also I have one fan that came with the case and one noctua nf-p12 1700pwm fan

Update 2:

Should I move my CPU fan (scroll down for picture) to the other side of heatsink and make the rear intake and top exhaust?

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  • 1 month ago

    It would help to know what case you have because I can't tell if your case can accommodate 140mm fans or just 120mm fans.

    At the least you should have a couple 120mm or a couple 140mm fans running as intake fans. The you can put at least one 140mm fan or one 120mm fan at the top. This will help create pressure inside of your case which will help draw the hot out out.

  • 1 month ago

    Have airflow path reinforced by rear fan pullng air in, and one or two fans on top pushing air out.  That way, air warmed by the components will be vented as it rises to top region of case.

    My case has a side grill, and a low rear fan on the bottom power supply drawing air in.  The liquid cooling system for the CPU has two low speed fans pushing air out through the radiator in the top of the box.  As well, the fans on the video card push air through the GPU's radiator and out the back, above the power supply's fan.

    Be sure to clean the grills and all blades of the fans regularly to keep the air moving quickly.

  • 1 month ago

    Picture of my CPU cooler too with fan positions.

    Attachment image
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